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Our next event will be on December 3rd, details to come

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A quick google search of “transgender clothing swap” reveals that the only way for young trans/nonbinary folks to get affordable new clothes in a safe and friendly environment is online. In the past few years, websites such as “The Tumblr Transgender Clothing Exchange” and “Trans Clothes Swap” (both of which are hosted by the social media platform, have sprung up to answer the need within the transgender community for affordable LGBTQ friendly clothes. The only alternative to this somewhat rudimentary form of online shopping is to attend clothing swaps. Often, these clothing swaps come into fruition as a disordered mad-dash for the few items in good condition and there is no place for transgender people (who tend to require non-standard sizes) to try on clothes to find the items that fit well. A person might leave one such clothing swap feeling discouraged and lacking in self-confidence. Trans*figure hopes to change this.