Clothes for Every Body

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to use your services?

    Our services are focused on helping the LGBTQ community and specifically transgender people who have a difficult time obtaining the clothes they need. That said, anyone is welcome to use make an appointment with us, regardless of how they identify. Interested parties should keep in mind that all of our services will be rendered through a trans/nonbinary lens. We will avoid terms such as “womenswear”/”menswear”/etc. We will not assume that our clients will feel comfortable in any particular dressing room. We will act as your friend and protector. We will not patronize stores that are not supportive of the LGBTQ community.

Is Trans*Figure a registered 501(c)3 organization?

    We are still in the process and we expect to be fully registered by the end of August. Any donations made before then can be retroactively made tax deductible.

Can I donate my clothes? When? Where?

    We plan to be able to accept donations by the end of September at the latest. We welcome clothing donations of all kinds and we will update our information soon as to how, when and where to donate. If you have specific questions, feel free to email us at

I don’t have any money right now/I missed the online fundraiser, is there some way I can lend my support?

    Visit our Support page to find ways to support us other than donating funds!

Where can I get updates on Trans*Figure?

    Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and/or Tumblr to get regular updates on our services and events!

What does the asterisk in Trans*Figure mean?

    There is contention in the LGBTQ community as to whether the use of the asterisk is helpful or hurtful. After looking into the issue, the main arguments we found against the asterisk were: 1. It's redundant because trans alone is inclusive enough 2. It's used to include any identity starting with trans and therefore includes transvestites who shouldn't be included and 3. It has been used by people who silenced transwomen or contributed to the erasure of their experience. After considerable thought, we decided to keep the asterisk for several reasons.

Firstly, because the argument that it is redundant is disproven by the simple fact that some people think the asterisk is too inclusive. We also do not support the idea that transvestites shouldn't be included in the particular conversation we are trying to have. They don't identify as transgender or transsexual and neither do nonbinary/gender nonconforming (GNC) individuals sometimes. Transvestite may also be a word that is dated, like transsexual, since nonbinary/GNC are terms that have only gained popularity recently. If we were only going to talk about transgender rights, we might feel better about creating an exclusionary atmosphere, but in this case, where we are talking about clothes, we don't feel comfortable deciding who is queer enough to participate in the conversation. Lastly, we feel that the asterisk denotes an openness that extends even to those who are questioning and/or undecided. Anyone who doesn't identify any particular way, but sees themselves in the images we post, should be able to enter and contribute to the dialogue we create.

If you have any further questions or concerns about our use of the asterisk, feel free to email us at